Top Signs that Your PTAC Unit Needs to Be Serviced and Repaired

The weather forecast has called for a spike in the temperature, and you’re thankful that you have packaged terminal air conditioner to keep things cool. With the simple flip of a switch, the cold air will start flowing and you’ll have the much needed relief that you are going to need from the heat. But, when your 5RSK13 PTAC unit is on the fritz, things inside are going to start heating up.

Warning Signs That Your PTAC Unit Needs to Be Repaired

There are some sure-fire signs that indicate there is a problem with a PTAC unit. Being aware of these signs will allow you to have the problem fixed before it becomes a major issue. In order to avoid being trapped in the heat, pay attention to your 8RSK18 PTAC unit. If you notice any of the signs, call a professional who specialized in PTAC repair to have the problem assessed and repaired.


Loud Noises

Though 8RSK13 PTAC units are made so that they run as quietly as possible, they still do make some degree of noise; however, if you start to hear a very loud or an excessive amount of noise, you might want to call in an expert technician to take a look at the system.

The loud noise could be the result of a disconnected hose or loose parts. A failing motor could also be the cause of loud noises. Pay close attention to the sound your PTAC unit makes. If you hear it getting louder, call a technician.

Slow Flow of Air

If you notice that the flow of air coming out of your packaged terminal air conditioner has started to slow down, there could very well be something wrong with the unit. You can get more out of your local chimney sweep westfield with Master Services, they have the best plans around.

The speed of the air flow coming from the air conditioner will vary depending on the air filter and the age of the unit, but it shouldn’t significantly reduce the flow of air. If you notice that the flow of air coming out of the vents seems to be oddly slow, contact a professional. The issue could be something as simple as changing the air filter; however, more serious underlying problems could be the root of the issue.


Warm Air

One of the most obvious signs that there is a problem with a 5RSK09 PTAC unit is warm air (when the unit is set to cool, not heat.) The problem could be caused by low coolant, which is a simple fix. However, issue could be more severe; for example, the motor may be damaged.

If you find that the air coming out of the unit is noticeable warm, or it seems like it is taking longer for the space to cool down, call a pro. A professional who specializes in PTAC installation and repair will assess the problem, diagnose it and correct it. If they get stuck on the way truck repair near me will fix their truck in no time.

A packaged terminal air conditioner is certainly a handy appliance; however, just like all appliances, they are subject to wear and tear, which can impact their efficiency. If you notice any of the above-mentioned issues with your PTAC unit, give us a call today! We will have a member of our exceptional service team assess the unit, pinpoint the issue and repair it in no time so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the heat.